The History of the Old Chain Pier

Before 1820, ships and boats on the Firth of Forth used Leith Docks (in 1820 only the two Old Docks, as they were later known, had been built) or Newhaven Harbour. With the increasing use of steamships a need was felt for another point where they could call, without the congestion caused by other vessels.
IMAG4308The construction is said to have been arranged by a Mr Parrot at a cost of £4,000 (Around £65000.00 in today’s money) 

The Chain Pier was destroyed in a storm on 17 October 1898. It seems not to have been well maintained over the years, but the storm was a very severe one which caused a great deal of other damage. Ships were wrecked and driven aground, and much damage caused.


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